New Dance Collective
Spring Workshop 2017
VIDEO: There Once was a Quieter Place - (Saturday, June 10th, Matinee - Piece begins at 31:20)
Music: Old Italian Love Song (Audra Mae & the Almighty Sound); Lost, (Zoe Keating); Lost on the River (The New Basement Tapes)

Spring Workshop 2016
VIDEO: That Will Be Answered (Sunday, June 12th - Matinee - Piece begins at 33:09)
Music: Heyr, Himna Smidur (Sigurbjornsson: Koma); Dona Nobis Pacem 2, Love and Imagination (Max Richter) Optimist (Zoe Keating)

Spring Workshop 2015
VIDEO: Matinee, Lost & Found (Saturday, March 21st - Piece begins at 24:14)
Music: November (Max Richter); Life I (Armand Amar)